Writer for hire, at your service for all of your business, technical, or creative needs.

Blog Posts and Print Articles – These drive traffic to your website, especially when paired with a good social media strategy

Technical Content – I can translate your technical content into easily understandable ideas that non-tech readers can digest.

Website Content – Your website must create an instant connection with your clients. If they can’t understand what you have to offer, they will simply look elsewhere.

Instruction Sets – As a tech professional, I can provide step by step instructions to accompany your products with a twist. I can write instructions that people understand.

Product Manuals – You need to include a clear, easy to understand manual with your product, whether it’s paper or digital. If you make people fumble through something as important as turning a product on for the first time, they will likely buy elsewhere next time around.

Email Content – If you want to send a message to thousands of subscribers, or group members, it better be easy to read. In the “short attention span age,” you have approximately two seconds to grab your reader before they’ve moved on to something else.

Newsletters – Send useful info to your clients and stay clearly in their view. This is one of the best ways to announce upcoming product or service offerings, inform clients of upgrades, and help them understand why they want or need your product. But, it has to be informative and easy to read.

Case Studies – Most people look to product reviews before purchasing a product these days. However, case studies go a step further and provide alikeable, relateable source for product recommendations and validation. Let your case study subject sell your product for you.

Magazine Articles – Seeing an article in a print publication or online magazine is often seen as an accomplishment. It also helps you or your company look like an authority on the featured subject. Magazine articles are a great way to show your customers that you know what you’re talking about.

Business letters – We’ve all received our share of convoluted, boring, or mainly useless information from a company. Sometimes, it’s even useful and contains info we can actually use, but that info is buried under a bunch of industry jargon and “tech speak,” few people will read past the opening statement.

Send your clients clear, concise information to ensure it hits the target.

Social media content – such as  Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn content. weekly, monthly, or as needed, let the world know what you have to offer.

Editing and proof reading, or “fixing” –

Ghost writing – I write it, you sign it. This is a great way to launch a product or position yourself as an authority on a subject.

Website Creation – I am also available to create low cost, starter websites. If you need simple, 5-page WordPress websight or blog, or would like to discuess ongoing manangement for your existing WordPress setup, I can help.

I also teach people how to build and maintain their own sites. Ask about one time service or monthly maintenance. 

If it’s not listed above- please just ask.