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I will add more as things are published or released. Out of respect for the publications that have hired me I will not present something here before it is published.

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Magazine Articles

Below are some of my most recently published articles. Please check back for updates!

Tiara C53 Coupe Review and Cover –


Site Link – Lakeland Boating Magazine – Tiara C53 Coupe Test Drive

Sargo 31 Feature Article –


Site Link – Lakeland Boating Magazine – Sargo 31 Test Drive

Michigan BLUE Magazine – State of Mine Article –


Michigan BLUE Website – https://www.mibluemag.com/

Great Lakes Boating September Issue


My article is Turn It Off! (under the G)

Site Link – Actual article is Heading for Home – http://www.greatlakesboating.com/2017/12/heading-for-home

Lakeland Boating September Issue – 


Site Link – Lakeland Boating Magazine – Cruisers 50 Cantius – Sept. 2017

Lakeland Boating October Issue – 


Site Link – Lakeland Boating Magazine – Absolute 40 STL

Site Link – Absolute Yachts Website Media Page – Lakeland Boating Boat Test for the Absolute 40 STL

Michigan Blue Magazine Cottages Issue, two articles in one – 


Michigan BLUE Website – https://www.mibluemag.com/

Michigan Blue Spring 2018 Issue – 

Chuck Warre | Michigan Blue Magazine Spring 2018     Chuck Warren | Michigan Blue Magazine Spring 2018     Chuck Warren | Michigan Blue Magazine Spring 2018

Michigan BLUE Website – https://www.mibluemag.com/

My Coffee Table Magazine Layout – (needs an update)

Just for fun. I have an article in each one of these and some that aren’t pictured yet.

Others and Upcoming – 

Site Link – Lakeland Boating Magazine – Manitou X-plode XT Boat Test

Michigan Blue Magazine – Article on Wood Boat Restoration in Grand Rapids

Ongoing Blog Posting –

The Camper Connection – RV and Camper Rental for owner and camper alike.

GreenCup – Web Design, Content, and Support for all sites big and small.

Medium.com – Long form blog posting, rants, musings, and more in a brilliantly varied environment.

I am currently managing ongoing blog posts for a variety of different companies, please ask how I can help you with your social media and content needs.

Website Content – 

I contributed some or all of the original written content to each of these websites. On some of these the content is still maintained by me, but for others, the content has been partially changed or has not been kept current by the site’s owner.

AfterWordsHQ – A great idea for the digital age

SendMeAMemory.com – Send Physical Letters without Pen and Paper

Michigan Captain – My alter-ego. I spend the summer months driving people’s boats around for them.

Miscellaneous Musings – 

Op-Ed Letter – Blindness – The Movie

Article – Free is Not Always a Good Thing

Humane Society Fund Raising Appeal – Gift of Love

Humane Society – Thank You Letter

Creative Articles – Fear of Flying

Creative Story – Fish Story

Much more to come!