I have been writing since I was twelve years old. Well, technically I was writing a lot earlier because of schoolwork but I started writing for the joy of it, and writing things I wanted other people to read when I was twelve. I think the best way to represent that accurately is – when I was twelve years old I started writing when I didn’t have to.

That is also when I knew I wanted to write for a living, although it took me years to take that step forward. I wrote a lot and often, but life drags us in directions we may not always expect or wish to go. However, it is the sum total of our life’s experiences that makes us who we are today. Experience is a box full of seemingly random parts that we piece together to create a representation of our personal journey.

What makes a writer? I recently heard that question proposed to a group of people who should have either known the answer, or should have at least considered the question more than once in their lives. Are you a writer because you’ve been published? Or because you’ve been published and paid? Or is it because you’ve been acknowledged as such with a certificate or degree of some kind? There is only one true criteria that labels you as a writer.

A writer writes.

A writer takes 30 minutes to send a one paragraph email. A writer struggles with Twitter. A writer stresses over the wording on a postcard. A writer cannot put words on the page or screen without at least three revisions. But most of all, a writer writes. An idea, or phrase, or string of characters appears in their consciousness and they cannot let it go without writing it down. It must be written, and then revised. And then maybe revised again, otherwise sleep becomes impossible.

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Everyone excels at something and struggles with something else which comes naturally to others. In my experience some of the most intelligent, most well-spoken people cannot write well. Since public speaking (among other things) is not easy for me I believe that makes us even. We all need each other’s help to truly succeed, so I’ll write and you crunch numbers. Or fill teeth. Or build houses. Together we’ll all cross the finish line.

I am a writer. I love to write, and can help you be your very best through any kind of media you like. Whether it’s business, creative, technical, digital, or print content I can help you or your company present the information you wish to share with the world. I draw from a very deep well of life experiences to connect with your reader, and to create content in a voice that fits your, or your company’s, personality. I love to write and you can benefit from that passion.

Let me provide the written content for your project. I guarantee you’ll be happy with the results.

Chuck Warren