So Much to Tell, So Little Time!

So Much to Tell, So Little Time!

I’m way behind, sorry about that!

The trip to Washington DC was terrific, with great content from the Great Escape crew and fun new friends to keep me company. I learned a ton and brought back some renewed enthusiasm for the craft of writing.  Maybe renewed isn’t the right word since I’m just as happy turning out content today as I was when I started down this road. I think, more committed is a better description. There is little I would rather do than write, except possibly go out on the boat. Hey, writing on the boat – perfect.

Since I’ve been home I’ve completed several more articles for Lakeland Boating, including the cover and feature stories for the September and October issues. I have two more coming up as well, including another Tiara article and a write-up on a 70 mile per hour pontoon boat from Manitou Pontoons. Yep, really. 70 miles per hour. You can find my latest articles here –

This is the October issue with the test of the Absolute 40 STL, the latest entry to the day boat wave that’s hitting the smaller boat market. Just like coupes have overrun the 50ish footer range, day boats are taking over the 40-foot space. Read all about it here –


You can read about the latest Cruiser Cantius which is their new 50-foot coupe here –


If those links go away you can find the online versions on their website –

Check back in with Lakeland’s website for the Tiara and Manitou articles, they should be out soon.

I just wrapped up an article for Michigan Blue as well which will be the feature for their Cottages issue in the spring. I can’t wait to see that one, it should be a great layout.

I have also started to work with Veronica Kirin and her company GreenCup Design, I’m very excited for that opportunity. She has put together an incredible business and working with her can only make me a better writer. She has been keeping me pretty busy too, which is terrific. See more about GreenCup here –

I’m still hoping to break into two more areas next year if not sooner. Travel writing continues to stay just out of my reach but mostly because I’ve been writing so much other stuff that I have not had time to dedicate to it. I hope to focus on at least one article before the end of the year.

My other hope is to get connected with some copywriting opportunities, I have the experience and would like the chance to work with some clients. If you stumble upon this post please ask me about it and let’s see how I can help you.

It’s been a great few months, and now that boating season is over I have nothing to distract me from focusing on those two targets.

Don’t forget to check me out on Medium, and on the publication The Ascent. Look for my latest article there titled The Myth of Writer’s Block.

Stay tuned…









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