Conversation is the new King

Conversation is the new King

The old saying is that “Content is King.” The new truth is that content is still critical, but conversation is king. 

So many people think, if they have a fantastic product, or story, or invention, and they put it up on the web, they can sit back and watch the visitors flock to their home page. You know, if you build it, they will come. 

Yeah. Not so much.

First, your completing with 4 billion other websites for the consumer’s attention. Second, see the first comment. How are people supposed to find you? Especially if you’ve created something they don’t even know they might want, like a new book? 

You may have written the next million seller, but if people don’t know you or your product exist they will never see page one. 

You have to go find your buyer now. You can’t wait for them to come to you, the initiative is in your hands. It’s no longer “if you build it they will come,” it’s now “if you build it you’ll sit around growing old with a living room full of your own books and no one will know to ring the doorbell​.”

There is a way to work the web, and to use social media for now that sharing pictures of kids or cats. Traditional advertising will not get you visibility now, a strong social media strategy coupled with an easy to navigate web presence will bring traffic to your door. 

I can help you develop and work that strategy. I can even leave it in your hands to run with once we’re done if you like. Let me help you build a strong platform for your visitors to land on, and the highway that brings them to you. 

Contact me today to schedule a quick discussion and find out how I can help you succeed. 

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