If you build it…

If you build it…

There is no guarantee that they will come.

Everything starts at Search and ends with Click.

However, your clients and/or customers have to find you first. If they never cross your path you can never create a relationship and ultimately, make a sale.

The Internet is a very busy place. Think of it as the midway at a giant carnival, where blinking lights, buzzers and sirens, and carnies yelling from their booths all compete for your attention.

There is so much activity and so much noise that the people passing through the center don’t know which way to turn.

You only have a short time to grab your visitor’s attention before some other webpage, or ad, or pop-up shifts their gaze, and then… Click! They are gone.

One click, that’s all it takes for your website and all of its information to blink out of sight. How do you stay in focus?

These days you need a solid content marketing strategy and compelling website content. Your blog can no longer sell your product or service, your blog, and the rest of your website needs to provide useful information that draws people back for more.

You can’t sell something by hitting people on the head until they pull out their wallet in self-defense, you need to make your visitors want to return. Returning customers will eventually get out their credit card because you’ve won their trust.

To reach that goal, you need to create a safe space where clients can read about your products and services without feeling pressured, and then give them useful information that can solve a problem or make their life easier. You need to create content that represents you and your business clearly and tells your visitors why you have the best solution for their needs.

Where do you get content? From a copywriter. And that is exactly what I am.