A Writer with 20 years of Technology Experience

A Writer with 20 years of Technology Experience

If you need a writer for a technology project, then you need a writer with technology experience.

I am a professional writer with extensive experience in the Information Technology industry. For more than 20 years, I worked as a Systems Engineer and Network Administrator responsible for the design, maintainance, and management of business computer, server, and networking systems.

I also worked more than a decade as the Director of Information Technology for a large non-profit corporation. My responsibilities included planning, purchasing, problem solving, personnel management, and more.

Today, my technical background provides the foundation I use to create content that helps your business grow and thrive. However, I also have a unique strength.

I can translate complex concepts into content that’s easy for non-technical readers to understand.

Whether you need blog posts, sales copy, web content, email, instruction manuals, e-books, case studies, or any other content, I can make your technical information accessible to the average reader.

I also write copy and content for a variety of non-technical West Michigan businesses. I write weekly and monthly blog posts for new home builders, real estate agents, web designers, camper rental companies, dog trainers, marinas, and more.

I am also available to edit and proofread, or to fix your existing content to make it more accessible to your clients, buyers, company officers, and employees. I have been complimented by my clients over and over for my ability to make challenging technical concepts easy to understand.

I can effectively work with your team, customers, and SME’s to create product descriptions, instruction manuals, sales literature, e-books, case studies, and any other content for your products or projects.

My job is to create the content that delivers a clear understanding of your product or service. Contact me today and let’s discuss what I can do to help your business succeed.